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NCTAP is an apprenticeship program designed to develop experts needed in the modern workforce. The program, based in North Carolina's Triangle area, focuses on integrated basic training which develops technical, methodological, and social skills. The core training program utilizes a hands-on approach to develop skills across a wide range of disciplines.

Starting in the 11th grade of high school, this 4-year program is divided into modules, with classes leading to an Associate's Degree (AAS) in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Wake Tech Community College or Mechatronics Engineering TechnologyatVance Granville Community College and paid, on-the-job training at participating Triangle employers.

NCTAP is proud to be associated with Apprenticeship 2000, a highly-successful program in the Charlotte area, and with the NC Department of Commerce's Apprenticeship & Training Bureau.

NCTriangle Apprenticeship Program   ... the degree that pays ... the other four-year degree

NCTAP Apprentices increasing company's productivity within first months - Robbie Earnhardt, founder and President of Superior Tooling, a leading mold maker based in Wake Forest, NC, reports on his new apprentices: "Just to prove that an Apprentice can be valuable even in 5 months, see the image here of Jacob van de Putte,  surface grinding parts for an aerospace customer that must be held to .0005 tolerance. Zachary Stoll did a job for us yesterday that was also pretty cool. Craig had him make a Roller Assembly that we needed on one of our machines. He used the Lathe and produced two of them. I’m telling you these guys are Awesome. An apprentice can become a valuable asset if used properly. Our guys are getting this opportunity only a couple of months into the program and they are doing great with it. And to be in engineering producing models and drawings, working in the office learning what it takes to run the business, helping to order parts, receiving supplies and putting them into inventory. We are seeing a benefit in our three already and they have only been here since September. I was going to hire another programmer for our CNC area and have spent about $2000.00 in running ads and flying one applicant in for an interview. Then this week my guys said “Hey, our apprentice will be here all day starting this summer. Why don’t we wait  a little bit and have use them?” This is what I call a HOME RUN. Our guys get it."

Robbie Earnhardt, Superior Tooling.