NCTriangle Apprenticeship Program   ... the degree that pays ... the other four-year degree

For Students

Earn money while you learn!

As an NCTAP apprentice you will be paid

while you are learning. In addition some

of the many advantages include:

  • Associates Degree in Applied Science - paid by your employer
  • Apprenticeship Certification from NC Department of Commerce & USDOL
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Rigorous, 8,000-hour program
  • Guaranteed job opportunities
  • A jump-start on a terrific career

NCTAP prepares you for high-demand careers that include:

  • CNC Machinist (learn more)
  • Tool / Die / Mold Maker (learn more)
  • Plastics Technician (learn more)
  • Design Engineer (learn more)
  • Sheet Metal Fabricator (learn more)
  • Machine Technician (learn more)
  • Electronics Technician (learn more)
  • Electrician (learn more)
  • Automation Technician (learn more)
  • Materials Technician (learn more)
  • Industrial Business Administrator (learn more)

In most cases, apprentices, due to their superior education, assume managerial responsibility early in their careers. Not surprisingly, most NCTAP partner businesses were founded by former apprentices; some are world leaders in their field.

Prerequisites for NCTAP:

  • You have attended one or more NCTAP open houses.
  • You are currently in the 11th grade or higher.
  • Your school transcript shows a GPA of 2.8 or higher.
  • You have completed Algebra I & II and Geometry by HS graduation.
  • Completion of Physics, Drafting/CAD & computer applications are desired.
  • Foreign language knowledge will be an asset for today's global economy.

See the NCTAP Timeline on the Events page for more details.

See this list of Tips for NCTAP Candidates for ideas to improve your chances for being chosen as an NCTAP Apprentice.

Want to learn more?  Contact your high school guidance or career development counselor or contact NCTAP at this link.  NCTAP also welcomes home school students to apply.