Some famous apprentices

George Washington (surveyor)

Benjamin Franklin (printer)

Patrick Henry (lawyer)

Benjamin Rush (doctor)

Andrew Carnegie (telegraph operator)

John D. Rockefeller (bookkeeper)

Bill Lear (electrician)

Thomas Edison (telegraph operator)

Henry Ford (machinist)

Wright Brothers (bicycle mechanics)

Gottlieb Daimler (gun smith)

Walt Disney (illustrator)

Sir Alex Ferguson (tool maker)

Eric Clapton (stained glass designer)

George Harrison (electrician)

Elvis Presley (electrician)

"NCTAP ignited an already-present spark of interest in our son, that he wasn’t fully aware that he had.  The opportunity that NCTAP provides to Mason has allowed him to strive for and reach his fullest potential every single day.  He is not only realizing a higher level of learning in general, he is discovering new capabilities and strengths while maturing as an individual.  I’m not sure that another learning environment would have pushed him to these levels."
Krista Hurlbut, mother of Mason Hurlbut, NCTAP Class of 2018

"As parents, the NCTAP program addresses some major concerns we had for our son. Now, because of NCTAP and its partner companies, he will be able to earn a college degree while getting valuable on the job training, have no college debt,  and be guaranteed a job upon his completion. This is the perfect opportunity for our son."
Mike and Cheryl Chaney, parents of Zachery Chaney, NCTAP Class of 2018

For Parents

You want the best for your child - a good education related to their career interests, financial security, and happiness. An NCTAP apprenticeship can provide all of these, and more:

  • a paycheck, starting in high school, from an NCTAP partner company
  • a free engineering degree and world-class work experience near your home
  • a Journeyman's Certificate, providing global recognition of skills, valid for life
  • a start to a long career with opportunities for further study and advancement

Being chosen though will not be simple - NCTAP's year-long evaluation process has been designed to identify applicants with the right balance of maturity, commitment, academic and technical skills. Our partner companies will invest on average $150,000 in each apprentice over the length of the four-year program, approximately double the typical full-ride scholarships at UNC system universities - which will not promise employment after graduation as NCTAP does.

If you think that your child has what it takes to succeed in industry, encourage them to apply today, either through their school's Career Development Coordinator or directly by contacting us.  Read below what parents think about the impact that NCTAP has had on the lives of their children and themselves.

NCTriangle Apprenticeship Program   ... the degree that pays ... the other four-year degree

"Being the proud parents of an apprentice in NCTAP, the benefits to us are immeasurable. The confidence that our daughter has gained in learning viable skills, life lessons combined with receiving an education has no price tag.  We are fortunate to have NCTAP in our area and hope that other parents have the opportunity to watch their child grow within its framework."
Karen Pochala-Peck, mother of Sophie Peck, NCTAP Class of 2019