NCTriangle Apprenticeship Program   ... the degree that pays ... the other four-year degree

For Industry

The shortage in skilled employees in our nation has been well documented in recent years. The primary reason for this is lack of emphasis on real-world, hands-on industrial training as part of a post-secondary education. By contrast, apprenticeships, in widespread use for decades in other developed nations,  provide industry with an excellent means to fill the gap between unskilled labor and college graduates who lack practical experience.

NCTAP, based in the Triangle area, focuses on integrated basic training which develops technical, methodological, and social skills. The core training program utilizes a hands-on approach to develop skills across a wide range of disciplines. This 4-year program is divided into modules with classes leading to an Associate's Degree (AAS) in engineering at area community colleges. Participating companies gain new employees who talents are  tailor-made for their particular businesses.

NCTAP is a non-profit, registered partnership run by Triangle-area industry, with the support of the NC Department of Commerce, Wake Tech and area schools. NCTAP enjoys advisory support from Apprenticeship 2000, one of the leading such programs in the nation. The cost to participate in NCTAP is modest, consisting of a one-time initial fee to join and a small annual fee for operational expenses. NCTAP has no employees - partners share responsibilities for recruiting and managing the program and are expected to employ new apprentices annually as their needs dictate. New partners may apply each summer to participate beginning in September.

In the near future there will be two kinds of employers - those who embrace apprenticeships like NCTAP and attract the most talented and mature young people, and those who make due with the others.  To which group does your company want to belong?

See theNCTAP Timelineon the Events page for more details. Seethis linkfor a three-page overview of NCTAP.

Interested to join our partnership? Contact us today, and a partner will be happy to provide you with more details on the North Carolina Triangle Apprenticeship Program.